The Herding® PHARMEX is designed to be resistant to pressure surges so that organic dust with a maximum explosion pressure of 10 bar and a KSt  value of 250 bar m/s can be separated without any expensive tertiary explosion protection measures.

The filter housing consists of a welded construction with a smooth surface. At bottom right are the raw gas compartment with Herding® sinter-plate filters and the dust discharge hopper to which an assortment of discharge devices can be attached. The clean gas compartment as expansion compartment lies mainly in the left half, with the control unit in the front wall. A submicron particulate filter can be provided as a secondary filter in the lower area of the clean gas compartment.  


  • Safe system concept with no tertiary measures
  • The plant can be installed at any point in the production or engineering area
  • Low clean gas concentration < 0.2 mg/m³ after just the first filter stage (depending on the dust)


Design measures make a rupture disk or explosion suppression unnecessary. Optional water nozzles and dust disposal systems ensure contamination-free filter change (SafeChange through FirstRinse) and dust disposal.