Herding MAXX


Herding® MAXX filter units with the Herding sinter-plate filters are generally suitable for the filtration and product recovery of fine, abrasive and adhesive dusts or for dusts with agglomerating tendencies. The Herding MAXX series is perfectly conceived for large product quantities with flow rates up to 1,000,000 Am³/h and more.

The Herding MAXX series offers all the proven benefits of pure surface filtration with Herding sinter-plate filters for use in large volume flows.

The actual dust particle separation is achieved via the patented Herding® sinter-plate filters by pure surface filtration on a rigid-body basis.

The modular concept allows the most effective use of space during transport and delivery, as well as high flexibility in plant construction. Depending on the existing site conditions, the bolted construction concept offers several alternatives from basic components to large, pre-installed assemblies.

Application areas are the steel manufacturing, sand mining and processing, ore extraction, processing and transport as well as recycling and treatment technology. Other application areas of the Herding MAXX series can be found in the glass, chemicals, metallurgy, food, and e.g. the plastics industry.


  • The large filter units' upper section can be designed either as a walk-in clean gas compartment or as a simple housing cover with access to the clean gas compartment. The connection to the clean gas duct is possible via a single interface
  • In the middle section, the raw gas inlet is located at the heart of the system. The raw gas duct can also be connected with only one flange. Deflector plate systems at the filter inlet ensure effective pre-separation to protect the filter elements against coarse particles and ensure an optimum flow
  • Assembly of the filter elements is performed from the clean gas side. The jet pulse unit is located outside of the filter unit to make maintenance and revision works of the entire cleaning system possible during operation without shutting down the filtration system
  • The dust discharge hopper forms the lower section of the filtration system. This can be equipped with various continuous discharge systems according to the individual requirements
  • Due to significantly lower requirements for cranes and scaffolding, installation times are reduced up to 30 % compared to conventional filtration systems


    • Optional walk-in clean gas compartment
    • Constructive equipotential bonding of the filter system
    • Flexible choice of dust discharge systems (continuous)
    • High quality coatings for inside and outside installation