Herding COMP


The Herding® COMP stands for space-saving, compact units for volumetric flows of up to 6000 m³/h.

The housing consists of a rugged steel structure. A vertical slotted plate divides the housing into a raw gas compartment and a front-end clean gas compartment.

The Herding filter elements are installed horizontally and fastened to the slotted plate on the clean gas side. Depending on the version of the housing, one or two filter levels can be installed one above the other.

Located inside the clean gas compartment is the cleaning unit for the filter elements. The clean gas compartment is closed at the front with a door in which a control panel is integrated.

The lower part of the unit can be supplied with an integrated Pulscoater, sparing protection, fire protection or pneumatic discharge system.


  • Compact, attractively priced solution
  • Low overall height
  • Easy, user-friendly access from the front


Horizontal fitting of either Herding DELTA and Herding DELTA² elements is possible as preferred. A spark pre-separator or, in case of adhesive dust, a Herding Pulscoater is integrated.