Herding ALPHA filter system for high temperatures


The Herding® ALPHA filter is a dry filter system designed for a maximum operating temperature of 450° C. The filter unit is a round filter with a welded design, suitable for an operating pressure of +/- 250 mbar. 

The filter housing can be designed as gas-tight version or as pressure vessel. The materials used depend on the application.

The Herding ALPHA filter (cluster) used is a high temperature resistant barrier filter on the basis of a mineral matrix. The material has excellent chemical resistance even with at higher temperatures. In addition to their excellent fire-proof properties the filters have also a high temperatures shock resistance. The Herding ALPHA filter clusters are installed vertically or horizontally in the filter housing from the clean gas side. This allows a compact, space-saving design and greatly simplifies the installation.

The filter elements which are arranged in groups are sequentially cleaned online by using a jet-pulse system.


  • Stable filtration performance at low pressure drops
  • Permanently temperature-resistant up to 450° C
  • Excellent filtration efficiency
  • Compact design, high ratio of filter surface per volume
  • Non-combustible, chemically stable


The Herding® ALPHA filter system is especially suitable for incineration, combustion and drying processes and pyrolysis of biomass.