Herding DELTA/DELTA² up to 70°C /158°F


Herding DELTA and Herding DELTA² filter elements are made of the same service-proven base materials as the sinter-plate filter Herding® HSL. The base body is comprised of sintered PE. The surface of the filter is formed by a microporous and hydrophobic PTFE coating which is securely embedded in the base body.

Special features of the Herding DELTA and Herding DELTA² filters in addition to the outstanding properties of the HSL filter are:

  • The geometry of the filter enables the elements to be installed not only in vertical arrangement on both the raw gas and clean gas side but also in horizontal arrangement
  • The optimized geometry of the hollow space inside the filter reduces the flow pressure losses
  • On the DELTA² elements the number of folds per chamber has been increased, gaining 25 % more filter area as the result

The choice of filter element type depends on the process and the process parameters.


  • Universal suitable elements for both vertical and horizontal installation means fewer spare parts in stock
  • Horizontal installation enables access through the clean gas compartment
  • Very low clean gas values < 0.1 mg/Bm³ (depending on the dust) result in a high rate of product recovery and protect man, machine and the environment from dust


Herding DELTA and Herding DELTA² filter versions are interchangeable at any time.