Herding ALPHA Filter up to 450°C/842°F


  • The Herding® ALPHA filter element consists of a high temperature resistant inorganic filter media. The maximum operating temperature reaches up to 450°C (842°F). ALPHA filter have an excellent chemically resistance, even at high temperatures

  • The cylindrical shaped basic elements (filter candles) are coated with an also inorganic layer on the outside, in order to separate finest dust particles by pure surface filtration

  • The filter media have an excellent thermal shock resistance

  • These basic elements are mounted in a stainless steel support frame to cluster

  • The internal as well as the external gasketing of the Herding® ALPHA filter element (cluster) is made by high temperature resistant inorganic fiber materials

  • The internal gaskets are clamped by springs made of high temperature resistant special material

  • In the filter unit the Herding® ALPHA filter elements (cluster) are mounted vertically from the clean gas side


  • Constant filtration performance at low pressure drop
  • High filtration efficiency and long life cycle
  • The filter is always cleaned online with jet-pulse, also with inert gas
  • The long term thermal stability is 450 °C (842 °F) also in an oxidative atmosphere
  • At start up and shut down a high temperature gradient is possible in order to pass dew points rapidly
  • Incombustible, very good chemical resistance
  • Easy filter element assembly, no single filter candles or loose gaskets
  • Compact design, large filter area in comparison with the construction volume available


    • Dedusting of producer gas at the thermochemical biomass gasification
    • Off gas dedusting of combustion processes
    • Off gas dedusting of melting furnaces
    • Separation of solids out of hot process gases
    • Pneumatic conveying at high temperatures or of hot bulk