Dust Collection

Herding® dust collecting systems protect personnel and machinery. They help protect the environment and recover valuable material from the process.

The company has its own manufacturing plant where it produces patented sinter-plate filter media and complete standard systems or customized solutions. Its hot gas filter media and systems cover a temperature range of up to 450° C. The maximum pressure range for process filters can extend from vacuum to a pressure of 10 bar.

Depending on the requirements, our system solutions start with collection of the dust and end with its removal, if necessary with zero contamination. A suitable controller rounds out such a system solution into a fully automatic and low-maintenance solution, particularly since the filter media have an extremely long service life.

The safety engineering includes ATEX-compliant plant design backed by professional and detailed advice from our experts.

Our products are supplemented by a wide range of accessories such as automatic precoaters to ensure that our systems run without problems.

Extensive services including trainings for our customers' service and maintenance crews complete our range of products.

Put us to the test! We will improve your productivity!