Herding filters in the nonmetallic minerals sector

Herding dust extraction plants are widely used in the nonmetallic minerals sector. For example in the production of stone blocks and gravel they play a key role in the protection of man, machine and products. They are used as bin vents, process filters, integrated filters or simple exhaust air filters. They ensure that even with a high quartz content the dust can be safely separated and disposed of. The robust rigid body with its embedded surface coating is ideal for guaranteeing the highest rates of separation over years of use in even extreme operating conditions, e.g. deep drilling with potential water ingress and highly abrasive dusts.

The Herding plants can be used for example in the following processes:

  • Extraction at conveyor belt transfer points and crushers
  • Truck loading
  • Dust extraction at silos
  • Quarrying and the processing of stone
  • Deep-hole drilling
  • Packing

Special properties and characteristics of the Herding® sinter-plate filter:

  • A high rate of separation protects man and machine, the product and the environment, also from quartz dust
  • Long service life and low wear enhance safety and reducte spending on spare parts and servicing
  • The rigid base body makes for a safe plant concept, with a constant extraction performance guaranteed

Herding manufactures both the filter media and the filter plants, including complete systems. An optimum solution could therefore be found for all processes, with productivity drastically improved regardless of whether the customer required a new plant, a modernization or an upgrade.