Herding filters in the environment sector

Herding® dust extraction plants are used for protecting the environment and therefore also serve - directly of indirectly - to protect people. They perform an outstanding role as process filters, integrated filters or bin vents in the removal of dust from industrial waste air. Thanks to the high rate of separation and the robust design of the unique base body and embedded coating, the risk of dust suddenly escaping is reduced to a minimum. This is particularly important when dealing with harmful substances such as active ingredients or carcinogens.

The Herding plants can used for example in the following processes:

  • Industrial waste air
  • Loading of trucks, ships or goods trains
  • Dust extraction at silos
  • High-temperature combustion

Special properties of the Herding® sinter-plate filter and the Herding® ALPHA hot gas filter:

  • A high rate of separation protects man and the environment in particular from harmful dusts
  • Long service life and low wear enhance safety and reduce spending on spare parts and servicing
  • The rigid base body with embedded surface coating makes for a safe plant concept, with minimized risk of dust suddenly escaping

Herding manufactures both the filter media and the filter plants, including complete systems. An optimum solution could therefore be found for all processes, with productivity and safety drastically improved regardless of whether the customer required a new plant, a modernization or an upgrade.